Subject: Portugal car rental
Hello Fellow Travelers:

I just read a message on the newsgroup about a vehicle rental and having to pay for damages that may have pre-existed the rental. We had a similar experience in Barcelona with Hertz where we spotted a missing hubcap a few days out on our trip and wound up paying for it on the return. None of us noticed it was missing when we picked up the car. On our last trip we walked around the car and noted every ding and as luck would have it, another missing hubcap. It was duly noted and we did not pay for it when we returned the vehicle. As it turns out, the missing hub cap seems to be a popular scam with a number of rental companies. Often in the excitement of having gotten there we tend to miss the little details. My suggestion is when picking up a rental car, take a walk around much as a pilot does before he or she flies, note the problems and have the rental agent acknowledge them. It may save you money later.