Subject: Visiting War Sites and Memorials
One of the most moving moment of my travels came while touring Normandy WWII battlefields &cemeteries. There are murals on the walls at the US cemetery & I tearfully traced the battle routes where my deceased husband had been injured twice. I gained equilibrium &found some peace while walking through the row on row of white crosses in the very-well groomed cemetery. I stopped at the chapel to say a little prayer. I stopped at Pont du Hac where so many Army rangers lost their lives climbing up the steep cliff while shells rained down on them. The bomb craters &burned out gun pillboxes &rusted barb wire are stil there. A visit to the German cemetery in the same area was really eery. About 19,000 German soldiers buried there in a very small area. What a waste of young men. All these sad yet exhilarating experiences gave me a deeper feeling of how much our country's armed services have sacrificed for our &others' freedom.

Carol Bailey Madras, OR