Subject: Re: Visiting War Sites and Memorials
Last June we visited Le Memorial in Normandy and were awestruck at how moving it, the beaches and the American Cemetery were. We almost didn't go there but are certainly glad we didn't miss it.

Le Memorial is a beautiful museum in an interesting building. After touring the museum you are led into several theaters for films about Ddday and the French Resistance. Having been born at the end of the war and history classes never quite getting to WWII I found I didn't know nearly enough about this war. The most moving film was the one about Dday when they showed the invasion on a split screen from both German and American point of view...with no narrative thoughout. Very moving. And to see the devastation in the French towns and cities was something I couldn't have imagined. I did wonder as a constant reader why I knew so little.

We also seem to go to cemeteries (I believe you learn alot of the history of the area from it's cemeteries) but mostly at Civil War battlefields etc. The American Cemetery in Normandy is beautiful and just walking around reading the names gives you a sense of all those Americans who gave their lives.

We were on a tour a few years ago and three older members went off to Normandy for two days as two of them had been as participants in Dday. They were moved and now I can see why.

Ellie in Maryland