Subject: Re: Please help with car trip from Amsterdam
Hi Touring is an extremely personal matter. What do you like? A week in Amsterdam can be interesting and enjoyable: Museums - Reich and The Van Gogh Canal trip - Anne Franks House - great restuarants ... and the tulips should be in bloom, so a drive to the tulip fields would be great. I would head Southwest via Antwerp (autobahn) to Ghent (Cathederal and museum) - Brugge (stay the night, there are barge hotels that would be a different lodging experience) offers great walking/sightseeing opportunities. On to Oostende, a coastal resort town where one can eat mussels prepared in many different ways. There is also a Casino (I believe) that might be worth a try. From Oostende you can either continue Southwest along the coast to Dunkerque and Calais ...... or (my choice) go Southwest to Brussels (Amigo Hotel is well located in a major square, super restuarant - Signe D'or ??) And then back to Amsterdam (Five Flies restuarant). Getting lost can be great fun .. there is always an interesting town (village) and the folks are very friendly (most speak english). Have fun, Fred in Florida