Subject: Liege, Belgium
Good morning fellow nomads!

I am writing from sunny and warm South Texas. OK - so now I've incited a riot among all you snowbound northerners... :-)

When James and I were in Liege, Belgium, we visited several local spots that I would like to share with you.

If you enjoy different beers from around the world, and Belgian beer, of course, there is a wonderful place in Liege that must not be missed:

LE VAUDREE located in rue Saint Gilles

If, when traveling, you enjoy local eateries, the two that I would highly recommend in Liege are:

AS HOUES located in place du Marché 21

BISTROT D'EN FACE located in rue de la Goffe 8-10

Hope this finds everyone well and thanks for your time.

Sara Wetegrove Corpus Christi, Texas