Subject: Re: Prague
Hello Carollyn,

Prague is beautiful city. You will definitely be able to do better than the price you were quoted if you do a little homework on the web, and bear in mind that European standards (especially in former Communist Bloc countries) are not the same as North American standards for hotels....but they are getting better.

The hotel Adria was's a lovely hotel, centrally located, and within walking distance of the Metro (Subway) which is quick, clean, easy to navigate and safe. I stayed in a Boatel Boat hotel, on the river not to far from the Adria, and with a terrific view of the Prague Castle. The room was small, a bit spartan ( I was travelling alone) but clean and otherwise comfortable. The rate was unbeatable...about $25 US per night and that included an all you can eat buffet breakfast, that really featured all you could want, bacon, eggs, sausages, fresh fruit, cereals, yogurts, toast, jam, coffee, fresh juice....etc. It was a bit out of the way, but a manageable walk to the Metro and several restaurants.

There is a wide variety of restaurants in Prague, and you certainly want to go eat where the locals eat! The food is wonderful, servings are very generous, and it's incredibly inexpensive. The one down side from my perspective was that these establishments were extremely 'smokey', tobacco use is still a major issue in much of eastern Europe; and there are no 'Non smoking' areas in restaurants generally speaking. If you want a smoke free environment, you'll need to hit the high end restaurants (and dress accordingly) which will have smoke free areas; they're more expensive, but still very reasonable by comparison to North American restaurants.


John Wiernikowski