Subject: Re: Prague
When I was in Prague last year, I stayed at EXPRES PENSION, (misspelling and all caps their idea, not mine) for $43 a night. Included a full breakfast brought to your room every morning at 9:00 AM, or earlier if you requested it. About two blocks from the main square and right next to a wonderful street market. Full bath and shower in the room. I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.

Two caveats - one it was next to a strip club, but that didn't bother my friend and I. And actually, in the four days that we were there, we never even saw anyone go in or out. Two, there was no lift when we were there, so we had to walk up four flights to our room. They were however putting in the lift while we were there, so I'm sure it's fully functional now. Gave us good exercise though. Here is the web site:

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