Subject: Re: Travelcards (London)
Hello Peter

There are many travel combinations for London as you have found out! If you are intent on using transport for the whole week then a weekly travel card is definitely your best bet.

It costs 19.30 and this would give you unrestricted travel on tube and buses. The daily travel cards restrict you to after 9.30am.

Daily travel cards are 4.10 (still far better value than paying 1.60 per tube journey!)

Daily travel cards need no photo - but you do need one for the weekly. Most tube offices have photo booths if you don't bring them with you.

What I love about travel cards is being able to hop on and off buses for even a few stops - say nipping from Marks and Spencer in Marble Arch and deciding you want to go to Liberty's!

I rang the underground info on your behalf and was told that the visitor card is only for purchase through your travel agent in the States. You may also receive a book of discount vouchers for London Attractions but they had no idea how much the card was. Still knowing the prices in London you can see if its worthwhile.

There are two excellent sites:

which have interactive routeplanners, tube maps, times of first and last trains etc - as well as tube poem of the day!

Hope this is of help cheers Sally Somerset UK