Subject: Re: Hotels in Annecy, France
Hello Peter,

I saw your message about the Hotel Du Chateau in Annecy. I stayed in a hotel (sorry I can't remember the name) in the old section near the water about 8 years ago - nothing special but we didn't spend much time in the room.

I have visited Annecy numerous times since then because I have a friend who lives very near the town.

Depending on how you are arriving, train or car? I would recommend going to Annecy and then looking, there are wonderful small places around the lake with dining options and rooms available. You would be right on the water and it is so wonderful there. You could probably even ask to see a room before you decide.

It gets very busy in Annecy but if you go before the middle of June you should have no problem.

You will love it there - enjoy the scenery, the food and the town.

Be sure to circle the lake as the view is quite different all over.

Have a great time - the weather will be wonderful.

Kathy in Pittsburgh