Subject: Re: Captiva Island info sought
Bon Soir Evan:

Here are two web sites that may help you decide on the wonderful 60th birthday gathering you are planning on Captiva or Sannibel:

I visited both islands and here are some thoughts that may be of interest in making a choice.

Captiva Island is the smaller of the two islands, and really has only one main road that is intimate to say the least. We had a great dinner at tween-waters hotel and really enjoyed the beach especially the sunset that is right across the road from the dinning room. At the same time the hotel occupies a wide space and has many activities to offer. You can drive down to the end of South Seas Private road to take a tourist boat that offer a wonderful ride with the dolphins. Check with the tourist office or chamber of commerce on Sanibel for information about boat rides that leave from both Captiva and Sanibel. We could not believe that the dolphins were outrunning the tour boar we took on Captiva.!Captiva is small and intimate and since this is only for a weekend, everone can mingle in a central location with several activities either at the hotel or near by.

Sannibel on the other hand required much more car traffic to get around. It does offer the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and you can either walk in this rural wildlife everglades or take a tour bus. I would say you decision to have everyone go to one or the other islands may include the type of intimacy you want with one another for the weekend. Captiva, and the T'ween hotel offers intimacy and a wide range of activities, while Sannibel has more seashell museums. wild life refuges and more car traffic especially from people coming over from the mainland for the weekend only over a medium size bridge.

We loved being on Captiva, and We actually believe that we saw the famous green light that only happens at certain sunsets in this part of the world. Let us know how everthing turned out. We plan to revisit these two unique and beautiful islands. Did you know they are unique inthat they are almost perpendicular to the coast of Florida, and thats why so many sea shells wash up on their beaches.

Best regards,

Larry from New York