Subject: Mosquitos in Alaska
We have been to Alaska twice. As a matter of fact, we have camped for the better part of 13 weeks combined. My first experience with the public transportation, small birds, low flying aircraft mosquitos was on the morning of our first arrival. We took a chance on a campground outside of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula, near the Portage Glacier, but it was filled. So we ended up sleeping in our cars &cargo van. I woke up early in the morning to see this 'mosquito' on the window above me. The window was open slightly to let in some air during the night. It looked so big, much like the previous descriptions, public transportation, etc. However, I would describe it as a very smallish butterfly. They were very large, however, they didn't seem to be as hungry as the mosquitos in Florida. Someone said, I think, that mosquitos die after getting their blood. I don't know if that is true, but perhaps the larger mosquitos aren't able to get their 'fill' due to a lack of population in Alaska.

Of course we used throughout our vacations a myriad of insect lotions and never really had a problem. However, my brother took a flight into an interior lake with a group of people to fish all day. In spite of the insect lotions, they were eaten alive. Our actual worst experience was in Denali Park. We took the shuttle all the way out to Wonder Lake. Those mosquitos were really hungry. If you had any exposed area you were in danger.

We were introduced at Wonder Lake to an insect repellent wipe. They were nice, but I don't recall seeing them anywhere, but would like to start searching in case we visit Alaska again. I never have tried the product indicated by Vanessa, however, here in Florida, we too are bothered more at our home by the 'no-see-ems' and have to use a product known as skin-so-soft.

My suggestion is to be prepared, but don't let it make you worry about visiting Alaska. However, if you're going to a remote area, you should really be prepared with a mosquito net, gloves, etc. Sure could have used that when we camped in Scotland, outside of Glencoe. We were eaten alive by gnats. A really bad experience that we can now laugh about.

Wil Orlando, Florida