Subject: Panama and Sanibel/eco-travel and fun
I thought I would say hello and let people know that I just returned from 10 glorious days on an eco-adventure in Panama, primarily for birds (and other creatures) and snorkeling on Islands know as Bocas del Toro off the caribbean coast! Wonderful country, delightful people, interesting off the beaten path kind of places, plus a few days of upscale luxury at a resort on a river not far from the Canal. Have to say that the Canal was interesting but not our reason for going. I am more interested in rain forest ecology and the ocean reefs. Both of which are quite accessible and pristine in Panama.

A few months back we were on Sanibel for some rest, relaxation and birding, as well. That trip included two nights of luxury and fun in South Beach, Miami as well.

I think Sanibel/Capitva are a great idea for a family gathering. So much to do, good restaurants, and plenty of opportunity for just relaxing. I especially appreciate the area for all the access to nature so close up (Ding Darling, San-Cap Conservation Foundation trails, and those dolphins off the beaches! not to mention the shelling!)

Happy Travels, Maddy Northampton, Mass