Subject: Bologna restaurants
I checked with a friend in Bologna, who is very serious (as all fine Italians are) about food and wine and restaurants, about recommendations for her city. I must warn you that she has exacting standards and brooks no compromise, so take it as you will. An extract from her response is: - about restaurants in Bologna: ....In the list you mentioned I have found only one good restaurant: il Caminetto d'Oro. The other ones are quite touristic or worst... You can add at your list: La pernice e la Gallina (good but very expensive- the Michelin guide and Gambero Rosso have written that it is the best restaurant in Bologna. I'm not sure of it. We have been there only one time and it wasn't so great.), la Taverna Mascarella (a good new restaurant near our home, the chef comes from Sardinia. I think we were there one time together)*(Yes, and it was indeed good), l'Antica Osteria Romagnola e l'Osteria Bolognese (the restaurant that is at the place where was Silverio Restaurant). So there you have a local's version of the current state of restaurants in Bologna. Of course, the very best restaurant in Bologna is actually my friend's kitchen!

Joan Melbourne, Australia