Subject: Campania Region
I agree with Laurie, it is not difficult to see the Amalfi Coast without a car. We used the bus last summer and really enjoyed the trip. Go to the train station and purchase a ticket in the tobacco shop on the street level of the train station. We caught the bus across the street. Make sure you get there early in the morning AND make sure you sit on the right-side of the bus leaving Sorrento and then the left-side returning to Sorrento. You can go the whole way to Salerno or stop at Amalfi (or other places along the coast if desired).

I have been told that if you do go to Salerno, consider returning on a ferry. The view of the coast is great and you have a different perspective on land going down and on sea coming back. We only went to Amalfi and didn't try the ferry back.

I would think that using a car would be difficult for the driver to see much, plus being in a bus puts you a little higher to see over the roadside cliffs. The traffic going and coming is horrendous (we were there in June). Our bus passed another bus on a curve and it was amazing how those drivers manipulated those busses to pass each other with only an inch or two between them.

Wil Orlando