Subject: Continental - Amtrak
Hi Ziners,

Some of you who live, or are coming to, the North East US might like to know that beginning in March Continental Airlines is beginning a code share arrangement with Amtrak. Since last fall Newark airport (EWR) has been a stop on the northeast corridor for trains. So if you want to fly through Newark and your heading to a destination on this corridor (Washington DC to Stamford CT, I believe.) you can purchase just one ticket. Since Continental is an airline it is nearly impossible to get concrete information from them ;-). All I get is this service will begin in March. My TA is unable to ticket it right now so it is not yet in the system.

Even if you are not flying Continental it it very convienent to take the train from EWR to Philadelphia. The train journey from airport to Philly is about 1 hour and costs (depending on the train) approximately $50 US one-way.