Subject: Re: Auto Europe/Europcar Car Rental

AutoEurope allows cancellations. So, since they mostly deal with Europcar in certain countries and cities, it will be easy to cancel if you don't get a pick up at Europcar.

The voucher always has the pickup address on it, and you will be able to see which agency you are getting. I have also found the AutoEurope phone agents to be extremely helpful and would assume that they would tell you if you would be renting from Europcar.

You could also load your chances by asking for a pickup location where you or someone has used AutoEurope and know there outlet there is Europcar. For instance, we ask for a pickup near the Via Veneto in Rome, and of course always get Europcar.

Thanks for sharing your story. It is very reassuring. I certainly hope you were not hurt. Debbie in Pittsburgh