Subject: Re: Auto Europe

In the many times we have rented from Auto Europe, the subcontract has been with many different companies besides Europcar. In Switzerland we picked up the car at Avis in Interlaken, in Canada it was Budget in both Calgary and in Vancouver. I don't remeber the agencies in France or in Ireland. The only time we had a dispute with the rental was in Ireland and Auto Europe made the refund to us in a timely fashion when we returned home.

In Ireland they demanded pre-payment of the last tank of gasoline and we did not want to do this as we knew our driving would be severely limited by time and distance, and we would nnot be close to using a full tank of gasoline. They refused and put the charge on the bill anyway and told us that if we returned the car full, the charge would be returned. Well, we did, and they didn't. But, Auto Europe came through in great fashion when we called them from home a couple of days later.

Gretchen, SC