Subject: Re: Auto Europe/Europcar Car Rental
Hello Fellow TravelZiners:

Here is another note of interest in renting a car with Auto Europe and the use of a cell phone.During our last sojourn to Italy we wanted to have a cell phone with us for emergencies. Auto Europe charges only the fee to cover the cost of the cell phone's delivery and return by Fed Express without any additional weekly charge if the car rental covers the entire time you are in Europe. If the car rental is per diem or does not cover the entire trip, the rate is different. If you go to Europe for two weeks with an Auto Europe car rental for two weeks the only cost would be $35.00 plus air time fees.This is their special rate.

Auto Europe Telephone: (US) 1-800-223-5555

We actually did use the phone when we rejected the room we had booked in Siena due to the room having no windows and not being up to our standards. We sat in the car, and booked a room directly in the city of Siena which was wonderful.

Best regards,

Larry from New York