Subject: Re: Rouen
A bit more info for you,

From the station in Rouen you can take the local 'train' - more like a streetcar, to a station about 10 mins walk to the main square (with the Cathedral). Don't go too far - it's only 1 or 2 stops (if you cross the river you've gone too far!). There's an official Info place just as you reach the square (opposite the cathedral). It has excellent info, including available hotels/rooms for anyone staying overnight. And all around are signposts leading to the next sights on the 'tourist route'. The restaurant you mention is about 10 minutes walk from the square (come out of the cathedral, cross the square and go down an old street lined with shops - past the old clock. Continue on to the Joan Of Arc memorial and museum (really modern looking, like a tent over a market). As you reach that, (worth a visit - you'll probably find people skateboarding there) the restaurant (La Couronne) will be on your left (the museum on your right and the memorial at about 2:00). Do eat at the restaurant - it was the best meal we had in Rouen and they have several prix-fixe menus, all good quality and reasonably priced. And they have a good selection of wine by the half-bottle too. Along the route (just after the clock) is a plaque high on a wall celebrating the first resident who left for North America. Rouen was one of the main sources for early immigrants to Canada and many of the long term immigrant families (including my father-in-law) trace their ancestry back to Rouen, which they left to avoid religious persecution. And, yes, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in the square outside the restaurant - and the building pre-dates that event, so you'll be stepping in the footprints of some real history. Definitely go! You'll leave wishing you'd spent more than a day trip.

Estufarian Toronto, Canada