Subject: Re: Laurie /Venice and 5 children
Hello Laurie:

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in replying to my comments about Venice. In our next trip to Venice we will certainly plan to stay at a hotel in the Dorsoduro area and possibly facing the Canale della Giudecca along the Fondamenta della zattere al Saloni. We enjoyed so much walking along this long boulevard and seeingthe grand view of the sky and sunsets. At the same time one is only minutes away by vaporetto from San Marco. There are great gelato bars all along this street as well as outdoor restaurants that extend over the water. In terms of finding restaurants we first made some reservations and then once in Venice basically would discover them as we explored Venice. We did enjoy Bistrot De Venice in the San Marco area which has excellent food. We made a reservation for this place prior to leaving the US. Another restaurant we had a reservation for was the Antico Martini also in the San Marco area. This was a grand expensive restaurant and the food as delicate and delicious as the best of any Venetian fair to be found. Our one night out before going to a church to hear Vivaldi. I think of Venice as the fine handmade lace my great aunts use to make when I was a child. At the same time Venice wears many faces.

Cipriani hotel which is one of the most expensive hotel does have a wonderful outdoor garden type of restaurant we visited.They have a free motor boat ride to transport hotel and dinning guests back and forth from San Marco to the small island the hotel is located on. The children would love the ride even if you did not eat here . Possibly the Lido would have another large variety of restaurants.

You might want to check out the following directory:

At the same time planning ahead for a family of five might be something to consider. I would look over some of the books of Rick Steves

( } since he does refer to families with children who travel, etc. He mentions never go into a restaurant that advertises on outdoor billboards. If you research the restaurants in any area via the internet, Rick Steves and Arthur Frommers guides you can't go wrong as you will find a wide variety to select.

I thought the most inexpensive and varied restaurants we discovered in Venice were around the Rialto Bridge. In fact there is a MacDonalds in this area.( I have always found the salads very fresh in Macdonalds in Europe. } But there are many small little places where the cost is very reasonable for pizza and mixed veggies that seem hidden as you discover the very small and narrow streets of Venice especially between the Rialto and San Marco square.

In any case, plan ahead and actually make some reservations prior to going, and get a faxed confirmation as well. In any case, you will not lack for inexpensive little restaurants but it seemed to us that there are many more in San Marco, and towards the Rialto Bridge area.

One thing you should take into account with 5 children is that Venice is made for walking. Walking in narrow streets, and often in a maze prior to coming to a large square that appears every few hundred yards. Get a map and plan ahead. Bon Voyage, and after you get back lets us know what you discovered. Have study shoes not high heels or soft rubber type that flip and flap. In any case, Venice will not let you down with its surprises.

Bon voyage.

Larry from New York