Subject: New member in Weston, CT, seeks help with Slovenia itinerary
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Russell!


Having read, reread, and thoroughly enjoyed your travelogues on Slovenia, we're hoping to go there early this coming summer. Tentatively, our plan is to spend five to six days in Slovenia prior to a short visit to Venice, which will be our gateway in and out. My wife and I will be traveling with our 16 year-old daughter so our planning will have to take into account the kinds of things that teenagers like (or at least don't find extremely boring). As first timers to the area (though well traveled through most of Europe), we were considering Lake Bled as our first stop, allowing us to relax and time adjust. From there we'd go to Ljublana. At this point, the plan is very general, but once we've made the plane reservations it will become quite specific. In Lake Bled, Villa Lake Bled sounded quite appealing. Ditto for the Hotel Slon in Ljublana. These thoughts notwithstanding, I'm wondering if there are the most appropriate starting thoughts or whether a different approach would be more satisfying. For example, having read your description of Lipica, I'm tempted to fit that in and see how the rest of the family reacts. There may well be other variations that are equally of interest. Many thanks for your help.