Subject: Slovenia itinerary
Hello Russell, From personal experience, I can confirm that you will find Don and Linda's Slovenian travelogues a great resource for your travels there. Lake Bled is picture book gorgeous and a super place to spend some R&R. If you have a car, it is also an excellent base from which to explore the country - the mountains to the north are stunning, the small villages around Bled are fascinating - and we even did a day trip to the coast from Lake Bled. That was well worth the effort, although we would have taken more time on that had it been possible. Villa Bled is in a beautiful spot but a little out of the township - and rather quiet when we were there in June 2001. Your teenager may not be too impressed by that, although there are activities on the lake - boating etc - if she is so inclined. I think the major hotels are much of a muchness, based on the four or five we either visited or stayed in. (We were there for a conference and so had friends staying in different places.) The view is probably the main differentiator. An option you might consider is Hotel Ribno, from memory, about seven or eight minutes drive from Lake Bled, but with tennis courts and other recreational facilities that seemed to have quite a family orientation. It isn't on the lake but there is a pleasant walk through to Bled from the hotel and the setting itself was pretty. Happy planning, Joan Melbourne, Australia