Subject: Family group vacations (was: Ireland)
Hi Mary,

Our next door neighbors have gone to Ireland twice with a large family party. I believe that on both occasions, they rented a van.

Now, here is my personal experience, although not in Ireland: we have gone on several large group trips with the family, and I always find it necessary to have at least two cars, because I personally need to switch company occasionally. I find that even preparing myself for the togetherness isn't quite enough preparation, if you know what I mean. The more cars the better, I say!

Also, not everyone wants to do the same sort of things. I can never forget my uncle saying, as the crowded station wagon we had rented as a group slowly climbed the steep and twisting roads of Mt. Tamalpais to the Redwood preserve at Muir Woods, This tree better be worth it. Now, how much fun do you think we had? He never left the parking area, and the rest of us felt guilty about leaving him behind.

My point is that if he had had a choice, and then decided not to participate or enjoy himself, those of us who wanted to go to Muir Woods would have felt more comfortable about leaving him in the parking lot. Two cars!

One more thing: I know a man whose family rented a multi-apartment house in Italy for a week and since they all sort of had their own space, things worked out well. It sounded better to me than having everyone in one space. I am still haunted by the memories of 3 dogs and 7 people in a beach house..... ;-)

Good luck, Debbie in Pittsburgh