Subject: Re: Naples
Hi everyone,

Has anyone traveled to Naples recently? We will be in Rome for a week and had planned to go to Naples for the day--much as Don and Linda did on their last trip to Rome. However, in our Italian class someone referred to Naples and especially the train station as a hell hole and that they were somewhat frighened by a man who was swearing at them and getting in their face because they would not use his taxi service. She said everyone loved Pompeii (we also want to go there) but Naples was a different matter.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?

One other question---we had planned to stop off in Pompeii on our way to Sorrento--taking the train from Rome and then transfering in Naples to Pompeii and checking our luggage in Pompeii. Again, someone said that navigating with suitcases in the Naples train station would be pretty difficult. Any comments?

We have traveled a lot and have never been very nervous but I must admit that I am having second thought about Naples.

Thanks for any help

Mary in California