Subject: Re: Slovenia
Hi John:

Some interesting suggestions. Tentatively, we plan to drive from Venice to Lake Bled, so long as there's no problem renting in Italy and driving to Slovenia. Whenever we travel, we prefer to decompress for a day or two before moving so, which is why Lake Bled seemed to be a good fit. From there, we're open, though Ljubljana seems to be a must-see. One of the possibilities is a day or two at a health resort, but to some extent that will depend on whether the spa idea and related activities will fly with my daughter. Don and Linda's description of Radenci piqued my interest, but I'll need to learn more.

I used to be interested in caves, but my recent caving experiences both in the U.S. and in Europe were more boring than not. Much prefer great train or boat rides or just plain walking through outstanding settings like the Bernese Oberland.

Thanks for your help.