Subject: Annecy and Talloires
Hi Don and Linda:

Although your message of a few days ago indicated that you would be staying in Annecy during September, your request did not mention hotels. Please let me add my two cents on same. For you and others who may be interested in Annecy, I would suggest giving serious thought to staying in Talloires, which is perhaps 10-15 minutes south of the city. Talloires is an especially attractive lakeside village, far more peaceful than the comparative chaos in Annecy, which was overrun with construction last summer. The village is a fine base for visiting Annecy. One can drive in quickly, park in the large underground facility, and be free to wander as easily as those who stay directly in the city. Accommodations in Talloires are first rate. The top end is Auberge Pere Bise, which has a magnificent setting and some years back had three Michelin stars. From what we've heard, the restaurant is well past its prime. A notch lower, but far more to our liking, is Les Pres du Lac, which is a short walk from Pere Bise. Les Pres is run by Marie-Paul Conan, whose family has owned the place for years. The rooms are lovely. The setting is fine. The welcome is superb. The link is This is one of the gems that was uncovered for us by Richard Binns, a British travel writer who has penned several fine guides to France and the UK over the last 10 plus years. If you can find his more recent guides, the recommendations (both restaurants and hotels) are well worth following. The recommmendations are all focused on smaller villages, not the cities. We've been in contact with Richard several times over the last couple of years and he has been especially helpful.

I hope this information is helpful.