Subject: Greetings from #34New Member#34
Hello everyone,

I have been a silent member of The Travelzine for a while now and figured it was time that I got posting. It felt a bit one-way, my always receiving the daily digest with all of your tips and advice but never offering anything in return. I live in Toronto, Canada and lived for over 6 years in London, England. I enjoy travelling as often as I get a chance, particularly to Europe. Most recently I went to Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges) and Berlin over the Christmas break. Not sure where I'll be going to next... but I'm constantly planning. I certainly want to explore more of Canada, and currently at the top of my list are Vancouver and Prince Edward Island, though the list is always changing. I guess I'm like many of you in that my first stop in every book shop is the travel section!

All the best, Will Toronto