Subject: Re: Annecy and Talloires and TIP
Hi Russell,

We intend to do this trip entirely by rail - since we're celebrating our 40th and that will give us the best chance of making it to our 41st! ;-) (The only time we ever argue is in the car, in case you're wondering.)

We didn't ask about hotels in our previous post because we already have confirmed reservations at each of our destinations. It's mainly restaurants (good value, moderately priced, home-cooked food) and lesser-known sightseeing ideas that we're seeking.

Les Pres du Lac looks lovely although the web site is returning Bad Gateway. I found another site for anyone interested, although this one appears to be a booking service as opposed to the hotel's own web site:

Russell, since you've been catching-up on the messages in the archive, you'll probably find this tip helpful - it's the way we catch up on missed messages, when we've been away on a trip. (By the way, that's when the Zine-style of posting, i.e., without original messages appended, is most appreciated and understood.)

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Cheers! Linda