Subject: Norway/Denmark
Pauline and John, I will be glad to answer some specific questions, if you have any. We only spent three weeks in Denmark, Sweden, Norway &Finland. Actually only one day in Finland, as we took a ferry (cruise) ship from Stockholm leaving in the evening and arriving in Helsinki in the morning, then a return trip that evening.

We followed Rick Steves' guide for Scandinavia, but I would definitely recommend the following.

Copenhagan (Kobenhavn): Take a city tour of Copenhagan, which will take you around the city. We used the hop/on- hop/off tour bus that covered three different areas (some duplication) of the city and is well worth the money.

From Copenhagan, take the train to Roskilde to visit the Viking museum. Also take the train out towards Aarhus to visit the Legoland park in Billund. Train to Vejle, then take a bus to Billund. Even if you don't have children, it is worth the visit and money.

Oslo: Again, take the city tour, however, we did not like the hop/on hop/off tour there and would recommend the air conditioned red bus tour (don't remember the name.) In Copenhagan, I think the ability to get off and then back on later is an advantage, however, Oslo doesn't have that many spots where you might need to hop off.

From Oslo: Take the Norway in a Nutshell trip (Oslo to Bergen). Make your reservation and you purchase tickets for all legs of the trip in Oslo. The train leaves Oslo early and connections are tight.

The train goes from Oslo to Myrdal. Then transfer to a scenic train that goes to Flam. Rated as one of the top 10 scenic train rides. In Flam, you catch an afternoon boat ride down the fjords to Gudvangen. Then you immediately take a bus ride to Voss to pick up the train into Bergen. You can stay overnight in Bergen, then return the next day, or take an overnight sleeper back to Oslo. The Norway in a Nutshell trip is a full day's trip.

Beware that the overnight train trips from Copenhagan to Oslo and Oslo to Copenhagan were suspended during the time that we were there (July), but you could take an overnight bus. Also summer Jazz Festivals draw thousands of folks, filling trains to capacity. Make reservations well in advance. The Copenhagan train station was always packed, but the Oslo wasn't too bad.

Wil Orlando, Fl