Subject: Towns in France
Hi Erina,

One thing - Lascaux in the Dordogne area, near Montignac - phone 0553519503. You can't visit the original cave, but there is a copy nearby which is quite impressive.

I stayed in a wonderful B+B near Troyes (south of the Champagne), then went to Epernay (Moet et Chandon has a big visitor centre there) and afterwards to Reims. There I visited Pommery which had a great tour. BUT you have to go down about 150 steps and get them up afterwards - don't know if that would suit your parents...

Nevertheless - Champagne was nice. If you go by car, you could also stop at Lentilles - the whole area has wonderful old timber churches.

A nice area for relaxing is the forest of Compiegne north of Paris.

Greetings, Baerbel.