Subject: France, Paris and other spots
Hello everyone, I have been living in Paris for about 6 years, and some of the places that I have found interesting are described below. I usually travel around France and Europe with my 9 year-old son during his school vacations. I don't speak French well but we take local bus tours with the French and people of other nationalities. We have had so much fun and discovered many places and cities off the beaten track in France as well as Europe. Our next bus tour will be in April for 7 days and 6 nights to visit the Dordogne area and its surroundings, including Limoges. We will be visiting many caves, lakes and Middle Aged towns on this tour. Enjoy Paris and France, Juliette Lac p.s. I am just one of the tour's happy and satisfied travel customers.

(1) Le Touquet, Paris-Plage: Just a few miles south of Le Calais, Le Touquet was the upscale playground of the English court in the late 19th century, and the favorite vacation spot for the right bank Parisians and it's only 2 1/2 hours of driving from Champs-Elysees. It has carried on its star-studded tradition of luxury, offering thalassotherapy, sand yachting, fitness, golf and tennis. It features a great variety of architecture styles from sloping roofs, bow windows, Anglo-Flemish facades to medieval-styles and Art Deco designs. By Train: Paris-Gare du Nord to Etaples. For more info call the Tourist Office at +33 3 2106 7200.

(2) Longueil-Annel: Life on the River (Cite des bateliers) Just 80km NW of Paris is the village of Longueil-Annel, a mecca for river navigation. The Cite des bateliers inaugurated in June 2000, is a poetic homage to the men and women who work the river barges. Discover the village's history, its major inventions and everyday life along the river. Continue your visit of the riverbanks to the nearby Freycinet barge. Opens all year except January. Contact tel. 03 4496 0555.