Subject: Re: Dordogne question
Hi Carol,

At this time, I don't know the name of the hotel yet but it will be in Auberge de la Garenne which is about 5 km from Rocamadour town. I will let you know more details later.

>From Rocamadour, we will be visiting (1) Vicomte de Turenne, (2) Collonges la Rouge, (3) Passage par Turenne--the ancient capital of the area, (4) Martel--a town of 7 towers which housed numerous monuments in the Middle Aged, (5) Perigord noir--the name of a valley famous for its 1001 castles in Dordogne, (6) Sarlat--the capital city of the princes in the Middle Aged, (7) La Roque Gageac--one of the most beautiful town in France, and here we will take a cruise.

We will continue to visit the (8) Grottes de Lave--discovered by Armand Vire in 1902, (9) Saint cinq Lapopie--another beautiful town on the left bank of Lot, (10) Cahors--a city flourished with merchants built in the Middle Aged with its famous cathedral Saint Etienne, (11) the fort Moulin de Cougnaguet--built in the 14th century, (12) stop at a 'duck' farm to taste the region specialities like fois gras, terrines, etc. (13) Figeac--a rich historic town with a destiny like its creator Champollion in 1790, (14) Gouffre de Padirac--going toward the center of the earth about 100 m away from the centerpoint to reach a river, (15) the Chateau de Castelnau--the 12th fortress of France, (16) Loubressac--an old fort, also Carennac and cruising the Autoire, (17) then at last Limoges--famous for its handmade porcelain boxes.

There are other small places, monuments, and castles along the way. I will try to keep a travelogue of all the names + descriptions + some photos for you.

Juliette in Paris

p.s. If you plan to visit Bordeaux, it is nice to stop by the 'Dune the Pyla'--it's a huge mountain of white fine sand stretching out about 2 miles or longer from the inland to the coast. You will need to climb up 100 steps to reach the top. The kids would love to come here, lots of activities and exercise to do. And also don't forget to visit the lively beach town 'Arcachon' nearby. It has nice sandy beach crowded with shops and restaurants along the strip. You many take boat tours to nearby islands from here too. My 9 year-old son and I really had lots of fun. (bon voyage)