Subject: Health resorts in Slovenia
Plans for our June/July trip are taking shape. We're planning to use Venice as our air gateway. Upon arrival, we will drive to Lake Bled, where we will stay for two nights. The intermediate stops from there will include one of the health resorts, either Radenci or Cetez (sic), as well as Ljubljana, both for two nights. After having reviewed the Slovenian brochure on health resorts, these two stood out as having the broadest range of possibilities. In the decision on which resort, we have to keep in mind the interest/boredom quotient for the one or two teenage girls who may be traveling with us as well as the constituency of those who may be staying at the resorts. If the kids are happy, we'll be fine. We're thinking that any resort with a full range of sports, etc. will attract both older folks and young, while those that are primarily involved with treatments for various ailments may be less desirable. So these are the two places we've come up with. If others might be more appropriate, we'd be only too happy to learn about them. Aside from that issue, I'm thinking that it might be best to head directly from Bled to the resort and then on to Ljubljana, which would shorten the drive to Venice, where we'd stay for three or four nights. Other issues include which hotels to select in Lake Bled and Ljubljana. Plus, we're still muddling through the issue of renting a car in Venice to be driven in Slovenia. Our latest quote (AutoEurope) is $869 for nine days, picking up at Venice airport and returning at the city office. That will go down about $200-$275 by returning after seven days and using the city office for both pick up and return. In the fine print, I noticed a 14% surcharge for pickups at the Venice airport. Amazing. In any case, all comments and suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Russell in currently freezing CT