Subject: Re: Around Paris
Hi Paolo,

Last year I made a tour round France - and of course I visited some areas around Paris. I simply didn't go into the town cause this would be another topic for nearly a week - and I just wanted to see the country.

Around Paris I loved the Champagne area (Lentilles with timber church and nice surroundings, Troyes is a wonderful old town - and I had a good B+B nearby, Reims was one point for the cathedral and the other for Pommery cave). Also nice was Chartres (again the cathedral, but I can't really recommend my hotel).

North of Paris the forest of Compiegne is nice and in the west I stayed with a friendly couple in a B+B near the Seine (not exactly on the river) from where you can tour by a short trip by car and then by RER (?) to Paris in a short time.