Subject: Trieste
Hi Bill and anyone else interested in Trieste

Trieste has of course many hotels but the downtown ones are expensive. There are some pensions but I can't say how good they are. If you let me know your price range I can make some inquiry.

The main road from Piran to Trieste is good but traffic is sometimes heavy. There's a bike path from Izola to Koper, then there are some backroads to the border. In Italy it's a four lane road leading into town, less than 6 miles from the border. There are often cyclers around so I see no problem.

The roman ruins are located downtown (theatre) and on the hill overlooking the old centre (foundations, columns, an arch hidden between houses). There is also a very interesting museum on the same hill (Lapidario). I'd be happy to show anyone these places if time is enough.

Miramare castle is just outside town at the end of a pleasant ride along the sea; it's the only biking trail in Trieste! Cycles aren't allowed inside the park so you'll need a chain and padlock (don't trust and don't tempt anyone!).

Grotta Gigante is over the hills, among the woods. Guided tours only, every hour.


Paolo Trieste, Italy