Subject: Re: Greek Islands in October?
Hello Niko, My husband and I spent September &October of 2000 in Paros, Greece, coming home to Canada on October 31. While we had quite a few days over 100 F. in early Sept, and the weather stayed quite warm, the last 2 weeks of October were the coolest. We were in the water at the beach on October 20. It was warm enough, but we were the only ones in the water. Greek people were driving by on their motorcycles wearing big jackets. Most tourists were gone. Then the winds came up and we had 6 very cool windy days, then it turned warm again. I'm not sure if that was typical weather.

But I will tell you that there were only one or two restaurants open in our town after Oct 15th and most of the accommodations had closed long before we left. It was a bit of a ghost town, or like an abandoned movie set, at the end. Of course there are people who live in the towns and villages year round, but they really aren't as equipped for tourists after mid-October. The scenery is still beautiful, and if you have confirmation that your hotel/ rental will be available and there will be some places to eat, go for it.

Let me know if I can help with any other info.

Take care, Collette Nova Scotia, Canada