Subject: London Hotels
Have you considered an apartment? Last year I used Scala House at Goodge St tube stop...only thing that might be a problem is that they are all two bedrooms. One family owns the building and takes care of you. The building is about 8 stories.

Another group I've used is the London Connection and they have lots of apartments at a variety of prices all over London and that area. I used the two bedroom across the river...think it was on Queen's Road...about a 5 minute bus ride to Sloan Tube stop. (bus 137 that literally stopped in front of the flat.) I don't know what current prices are but found them both to be much better than a hotel/B&B, plus you have room to turn around in. I also liked having the small kitchen to fix tea, breakfast and other meals as we wished. It certainly saved on money. Plus gave us ice for my coca-cola (I have to admit the fridge was tiny and so was the ice cube tray...maybe six tiny cubes, but I was happy with that much).

I can't find either web site right now.....checked my email before leaving for work and had to answer this, so now I do have to run. But if you want more info on either, please let me know.

Beth Sloan