Subject: just back from Argentina
Hi , we have returned from Argentina the same destination that so many of us have enjoyed in the past , the same country that after World Word II helped Spain with tons and tons of wheat on credit, now thanks to terrible local politicians among other evils, it is facing a bitter crisis. Now Spain is sending food and money to help Argentina, ....amazing...

.... I wish to concentrate on tourism which now is much cheaper than before. Because of the devaluation hotels, restaurants, etc. are almost half the price of only a few weeks before, there is social unrest but frankly I had a normal tourist stay only clouded for my concern to fellow human beings.-

I flew United , a good flight, a bargain of a ticket at less than 500 ,I feel that Argentine Airlines is not reliable anymore. In Mendoza the new Hyatt a beautiful middle size hotel, was less than one hundred dollars with a great buffet breakfast including taxes of 21%...

There are great bargains in all ,items including local and imported items ( as long as they last) even local plane tickets are much much cheaper than before.

I paid half the price than last year to go to Montevideo by a modern and fast ship.

In my plane there were many American tourists coming back home from Chile and Argentina, they told me that they had a great time and everything went on smoothly.

Graziella, Miami Beach