Subject: Beverley, E. Yorkshire
Hi Adrian:

Hope you have a great time on your visit to the U.K. Sept/Oct is very often a lovely time to go. Since my family come from Yorkshire I usually get driven around and don't pay much attention to routes etc. If you're planning on visiting Beverley, depending on the direction you're arriving from it's a lovely feel to enter through the North Bar Gate. They have a Medieval Gothic Minister and conducted tours are year round. The town has a pedestrian area and cobbled streets and check out all the little alleyways off the main streets. Wednesday and Saturday are market days if that interests you. I think the only hotel in town is the King's Head Hotel where we had tea - scones, jam and oodles of cream! There are guesthouses and B &B's. Their website is Another website is and if you follow the links and at the search box type in Beverley there's a brief history of the town. Hope this helps.

Barbara Toronto, Canada