Subject: Greek Islands in October?
Hi Niko,

It's been a while, but I cruised the Greek Islands the second and third weeks of October. I don't know if you were thinking of a cruise or just flying to spend time on one or two islands. I found Rhodes particularly appealing as far as things to see and do - the Palace, beaches, great shopping and good restaurants. Of course, we had access to the ship for meals when we wanted since it was docked near the main area. Mykonos, though very touristy, is just so beautiful and so appealing I can't imagine anyone not liking it. In nearly every instance, we had to board tenders to go on the islands, since the ship couldn't get in that close.

I remember the ship's captain telling us several times how lucky we were, because the weather in October usually didn't allow them to make a lot of the ports because the water was too choppy. So I'm assuming the weather would be very iffy. How lucky do you feel?

A honeymoon should be perfect, and I hope for you that it is wherever you spend it. Good luck, Lou (TX)