Subject: Travel Inn, London
Hi Debbie The Travel Inn is pretty much right on the Thames. The inn does not face the river, but the building does. The building is pretty big and has not only the Travel Inn but another 4 or 5 star hotel which does face the river. When we were there 4 years ago, this building had just opened. There was also a very good Chinese restaurant in the same building. I know this must sound confusing--sorry. We took walks along the river as the walkway goes for miles. The Royal Theater is close and the tube stop was very close. I don't remember any grocery stores or shops to speak of. However, it seemed to us that the area was undergoing a big transformation. There was an apartment or flat renovation taking place close by and so maybe now there are shops etc. I do remember one shopping area along the river about a 1/2 mile away, but it was more of a boutique area rather that a food area. Hope this is a little helpful. We are going to London on April 15 and then to Rome, so I can give you further information when we return in May. Mary in California