Subject: Airfare advice
Hi Becca et al, Concerning airfare booked far in advance: if you are like us, you may be limited to travel times because of vacation days. In order to get the dates we need at discounted prices we do two things:

1) We use discounters and wholesalers for discount tickets. We just had good luck with AutoEurope and another New York based wholesaler, TFI International, 1 800 745 8000. I read about TFI in the major US published guidebooks. The prices are always better than the airlines if we need certain dates that aren't on sale or are very busy and popular. We have used wholesalers 3 times lately. NO FF awards on tickets bought through wholesalers.

2) We book our frequent flyer seats 331 days out from our return date on expensive flights. It takes some advance planning, but we are assured of seats when we want to go. Then, if we change our minds or a great sale happens, we can simply rebank our mileage awards, sometimes for no fee, or a small one. Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh