Subject: First Class Travel.....I Wish!
Sara, I did smile when I read your email re first class travel....if only I could afford first class travel on airlines! In January we left QE2 in New York and flew back to London. Mon Dieu! What a contrast between the ship and the plane. The airline was our own dear BA and we flew on a 777...very modern and fast according to the experts but crowded in the extreme.

We had seats in the penultimate row at the back of the plane and ofcourse the passengers in front of us reclined their seats but when we tried the same the passengers behind us objected and who can blame them as their seats were non reclinable (is that a word?) I am only 5' 1 but even I found the pitch of the seats most uncomfortable. Added to the discomfort the plane bounced its way all across the Atlantic and we were strapped in all the way.

So would I fly first class...You bet I would if only the price would come down a bit. We will definitely go business class when we eventually get around to visiting family in Australia. There are some good deals on RTW tickets from discounters here.

In the meantime first class travel on trains will have to do. In April we are taking a train journey from London to Brussels, Vienna, Budapest and Prague. This time it is all arranged by a company called Great Train Journeys and I will be able to compare with the trip we took organised by ourselves. I will let you all know. Cheers from London Anniel