Subject: Paris in July?
Erina, Kirsten and I have stayed in Paris in late July and early August and offer a couple of tips. First, you no longer have to worry about the city closing up like it's in some form of a long siesta. Sure, there are a few places closed because Parisians like to escape the city and the heat for their own vacation. Obviously, the museums and sights are still open. You may find that an old favorite restaurant is closed but that just gives you an excuse to find a new and exciting place. No,it's not just the Americans and Germans who are there - we noted plenty of vacationing French as well.

With regard to the heat, please keep in mind that Paris was built on swampland so it can get very sticky in the summer. It's a bit uncomfortable at times and we generally prefer other times of the year to see Paris; however, the price breaks in August often make it worthwhile to put up with the heat. Our strategy is simply to insist on air conditioning in Paris during the summer. Even if you wilt a bit during the sticky days you can recover in the late afternoons before dinner. Hope this helps! Mark and Kirsten Sacramento