Subject: Re: Loire Valley
Dear Paolo,

My husband and I are just planning our itinerary for our fall trip which will include the Loire Valley. We will start with a few days in Paris, then the Loire Valley and then down to the Dordogne and Bordeaux region. I am now trying to determine where we should locate - we will be there for about 4 days. We are currently looking at a place near Montrichard which seems quite central and from I have read so far distances are not too far. I know we cannot see everything but we will try awfully hard. As well, the Loire has some very good wine areas, eg., around Chinon.

a good site to look at re places to stay which seems to have varying price ranges is I have looked up some and it is quite interesting - once you click on the map where you want to go there is a blown up version of that area with numbers that you click on and then you can see the chateaux/hotel, where they are, price etc.

When will you be in the Loire Valley? Good luck with you planning.

Carol Toronto, Canada