Subject: Re: San Jose Ca Airport FYI
To anyone flying into this part of the world--as Michele noted, we have three airports, all well-located. I would take San Jose (or Oakland) over San Francisco any day just because of the frequent delays at SFO.

Until recently, San Jose didn't have much in the way of international flights, which is the reason that immigration/customs is located in what seems to be a converted shed. However, my family used San Jose when we traveled to Europe last year, our flights were on time, and we got out of customs very quickly. SFO has so many international flights, all seemingly arriving at the same time, that it can take hours to clear customs.

Of course, I'd insisted on my family traveling with carry-on only--the wait for checked baggage can be interminable there, even for domestic flights.

JoAnne, halfway between San Jose and San Francisco airports