Subject: Re: Easter Sunday in the U.K.
Hi Michelle I think Bath and/or the Cotswolds would be great to visit. the Roman Baths and Pump Room are open at Easter - visit:

Bath is a wonderful small city to wander in. Also think about the Cotswolds - visit:

Shops etc are normally all open on Good Friday nowadays. Sunday services can be a problem on the trains as they tend to repair the track on Sundays and trains can be re-routed - but you get there in the end! Most city pubs in England have 'big screen' TV and you'll see them advertise the England match on boards outside. If you can cope with a VERY smokey atmosphere it would be great fun to join the crowd! Have a superb trip - I will be in Durham on 18/19/20 - a shame we cannot have a mini GTG! Sally Somerset UK