Subject: Your hotel choices (was: Tuscany)
Hi Judy,

Here are my thoughts and experience with two of the hotels you mentioned.

> Monterosso al Mare (Hotel Porto Roca or
> Pasquale?)

In my opinion, the Porto Roca is a pricey hotel that is well worth the money. I loved it there, and tried to stay last September, but they only take bookings of three or more nights during high season. If you can stay there, do.

> Venice (Hotel Ala or
> Accademia?),

Love the Hotel Ala. Great location, and as I've said before, the special canal side rooms are the best deal in Venice. You get a spectacular room with a large balcony, for half or less, than the price of the well known luxury hotels in Venice. The hotel is on a quiet campo just steps from San Marco, and has it's own tiny dock for taxis and gondolas. Also a vaporetto stop just a few feet away. I have stayed at the Metropole,which is much more expensive, and the room there was miniscule, if more luxuriously furnished. Also, the location could not compare with Hotel Ala. The Ala is very nice for the money.

Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh