Subject: Re: Traveling with 20 students
Dear Anna,

I once traveled with 17 teenagers to Italy. My best advice is take lots of patience and a very intact sense of humor. I would also say to be prepared for at least one case of acting-up or acting-out. If no one does, you will be pleasantly surprised.

On the practical side, our tour leader gave everyone a number and as we regrouped at each site, or got back on the bus, we had to recite our number. It made keeping track of who was with us and who was not very easy.

Having a designated leader was also a good idea. When it came down to Can I do this? or Can I do that? having one person who was ultimately in charge made it all much simpler.

God bless you for your service to traveling youths. I did it once, and once was enough for me. ;-) Debbie in Pittsburgh