Subject: Short city tours from Europe - Was : Portugal and Extremadura, Spain by car
Hi Graciela, Your question :
> however one thing I always thought of but never did is the following, how about taking from Madrid a short tour let us say to Paris for instance or to any other destination in Europe.? If this is feasible? is there any travel agency that you would recommend to me?<

it seems like an interesting idea. But ... I would think more of what we called paquetes ( maybe in english the word package is being used ? ). They include usually plane or train (from Bilbao and San Sebastian the TGV to Madrid is a big star), hotel accomodation and transport to/from the airport/train station. You might be able to book 1, 2, 3 nights # as much as you can, and you are not forced into a group tour (with its guide, the people complaining, the #semi-optional# excursions # ). Viajes Halcón, Marsans and Viajes Iberia (nothing to do with Iberia Airlines) have some good prices, but I don´t like a lot their services. All their offices look the same to me, and they could be selling you bread, cars or flight tickets. Sometimes there are exceptions, but it is not quite normal.

Viva Tours, belonging to Iberia, is a mayorist that does a good job on city packages. They have some nice hotels in Paris, and you could check them at the following URL :

As a reliable travel agency, I would recommend you to look into El Corte Inglés (mostly because it is a well-known department store, and you feel a bit more safe) or Viajes Ecuador. You can see below their URL´s :

You can also find the french agency Nouvelles Frontiéres. They have a place in the Barrio de Salamanca, on a street parallel to Serrano, Velazquez I think. They are more specialized on long-distance flights and holidays, but they might be interesting.

In Serrano, almost opposite to where Marks and Spencer used to be, under the VIPS, you can find a library called #De Viaje#. They also have a travel agency (but for me the most interesting part is the library, I always come back with four or five books).

Bye. Hope it helped.

Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)